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The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. Commitment to the Environment

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climate cup is a zero waste solution
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say-no-to-plasticSay NO to Plastic

We aim to keep our products from entering out landfills or incinerators.

Our Climate Cup™ line of coffees is the most effective way of enjoying a fresh cup of coffee without using plastic to brew it, unlike the popular plastic cartridge systems available in the market today.

Our Climate Cup™ coffee goes straight into your compost or your garden without any disassembly, unlike plastic cup systems that build up in our landfills for over 500 years.

climate cup cartonClimate Cup™ is a zero waste solution for single cup coffee

That means you are doing no harm to the environment when you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Our Climate Cup arrives to you within a recyclable carton. The inner brown paper bag not only keeps your coffee fresh but is 100% biodegradable or even compostable (where services are available). The Climate Cup coffee itself can be put directly into your compost to return nutrients back into the earth.

Our individually wrapped single cup coffees and 4-cup Climate Cup come in a 100% biodegradable outer wrap. This solution for single cup coffee in offices, hotels and health care services means nothing has to go into our landfill and no plastic is being used.

fto-logo-block-for-dark-backgrounds-250pxOur goal is to provide you with the best cup of coffee in the world. It starts with sourcing the best tasting, certified Fair Trade, organic shade grown 100% arabica beans available on the market today.

The FAIRTRADE Certification Mark is the internationally recognized standard supporting the continued improvement in the lives of coffee families around the world. It is your assurance that a positive difference is being made.

The Organic Certification Mark is your promise that from plant nursery to finished product, every step in the process has been completed in accordance with internationally recognized Organic practices.