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Fair Trade Organic Coffees Served to your Guests directly from the Roaster.

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The Freshly Roasted Coffee Company is a coffee supplier to hotels across Canada. We supply hotel in-room coffee, breakfast room coffee and hotel lounge coffee station supplies. We roast our own coffee blends with high quality coffee beans that will please all tastes. We provide a wide range of all of the accompanying in room coffee supplies that your guests will need. Read more below about why we should be your hotel coffee provider.

About The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. Hotel and In-Room Coffee Supply

Our Hotel & Hospitality Coffee Service Includes:

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  • Fair Trade Organic Coffees.
  • A wide variety of coffee blends to fit anyone’s taste.
  • Quantity discount & cost control programs.
  • Machines supplied to your hotel.
  • We supply in-room coffee makers.
  • We supply brewing equipment for your breakfast room and lounge.
  • Ongoing customer support.

Why You Should Buy From Us.

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  • Purchase directly from the roaster, not a distributor.
  • We roast the coffee we sell. We are never out of stock.
  • Offering great tasting coffee and cost-savings is what sets us apart.
  • You’re buying directly from the roaster. This allows us to pass along the tremendous savings to you. $$$$
  • All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable.
  • 20 years of coffee experience.
  • Free Shipping in Canada.

The Greenest Choice for One Cup Coffee™

About our Hotel Coffee Supply

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Single Cup Fresh On Demand Coffee

The easy to use Climate Cup™ single cup coffee pods allow your guests to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee any time. It’s 100% compostable and the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

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In-Room 4-Cup Climate Cup

The 4-cup Climate Cup™ coffee pods allow your guests to enjoy a fresh pot of coffee anytime. The coffee is 100% compostable and the packaging is 100% biodegradable.

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Service Made Easy

Our airpot brewing system is easy and efficient as you brew directly into the airpot and then deliver it straight to your service area. This allows for a continuous supply of fresh coffee for your guests. Our packaged fair trade organic coffee is ground to perfection and packaged for a perfect brew every time.

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High Volume, Fresh On Demand Coffee Solutions

Our various liquid on demand machines are perfect if your hotel requires coffee production quickly. By using fresh made coffee concentrate, you gain several important advantages such as always hot, ready 24-hours a day and is cost effective. Some of our machines offer guests other hot drink options as well as coffee.

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Our Allied Supporting Products

We will supply you with top quality supporting products to go with our coffee service. We provide products such as red rose tea, sugar, raw sugar, sweet n’ low, coffee whiteners, stir sticks and more.

Hotels We Serve

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The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co.  |  1-866-512-3333

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