Partner with The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co.

Are you a coffee service or a vending company looking at adding more customers to your business? The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. is expanding and we have opportunities for businesses to partner with us in different cities across Canada. This unique partnership brings new customers to you while we both share the profits.

freshly roasted coffee co. partnershipHere’s how it works:

  1. The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. connects you with new customers in your market. We do all of the work and bring a new client to you. From there your company will service the account by keeping the supplies stocked and machines serviced.
  2. How does the partnership work? The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co will supply the equipment and the sales force to gain the client. We will then split the gross profit of the client with you at the end of each month.
  3. Accounting Platform.  You will log into our accounting platform to create the client order. The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. will be responsible for invoicing and collecting the money from the client.

The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. has partnership opportunities in the following cities:

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Toronto

If you are interested in “Proud to be a Partner” with The Freshly Roasted Coffee Co. please contact us.

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